Improving Object Proposals with Multi-Thresholding Straddling Expansion


Recent advances in object detection have exploited object proposals to speed up object searching. However, many of existing object proposal generators have strong localization bias or require computationally expensive diversification strategies. In this paper, we present an effective approach to address these issues. We first propose a simple and useful localization bias measure, called superpixel tightness. Based on the characteristics of superpixel tightness distribution, we propose an effective method, namely multi-thresholding straddling expansion (MTSE) to reduce localization bias via fast diversification. Our method is essentially a box refinement process, which is intuitive and beneficial, but seldom exploited before. The greatest benefit of our method is that it can be integrated into any existing model to achieve consistently high recall across various intersection over union thresholds. Experiments on PASCAL VOC dataset demonstrates that our approach improves numerous existing models significantly with little computational overhead.


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