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Object Recognition
  • 3D Object Detection for Autonomous Driving
  • Salient Object Detection
    • Salient Object Detection via fast R-CNN and Low-level Cues. ICIP 2016. [Paper]
    • Geodesic Weighted Bayesian Model for Saliency Optimization. PRL 2016. [Paper]
    • Geodesic Weighted Bayesian Model for Salient Object Detection. ICIP 2015. [Paper] [Project Page]
    • Salient Object Detection
  • Object Proposals Generation
  • Mid-level Part Representation
    • Learning a Compact Latent Representation of the Bag-of-Parts Model. ICIP 2014. [Paper]
    • Salient Object Detection
System Modeling and Simulation

Multi-object interactional system in real world is too complex to be reconstructed by computer. In our research, an imaging based virtual reality system of object tracking and anti-tracking is established. We have built a photoelectric confrontation simulation system including both seeker and interference was developed to realize 3D object recognition in jamming environment.

  • Optimization of the Occlusion Strategy in Visual Tracking.Tsinghua Science and Technology 2015.

Psychological Base of Image Cognition

Psychology is an essential influencing factor of image cognition, however it is difficult to automatically capture and quantificationally analyze by computer. In our research, an image database with psychological semantics, based on Minnesota Multiphase Personality Inventory, was established for psychology test, and significant quantitive features were measured and analyzed by computer. An image-based psychological analysis system has been built to extract human’s psychological features and to study human's image cognition.


  • ThuPIS: A New Affective Image System for Psychological Analysis. ISBB 2014. [Paper]
  • Discrimination of Positive Facial Expressions is More Susceptible to Affective Background Scenes. ICCKS 2014.[Paper]
  • Features Derived From Behavioral Experiments To Distinguish Mental Healthy People From Depressed People, BioMed 2014.[Paper]